During a planning workshop in Halifax in 2017, a vision for the Canadian BGC Argo initiative was laid out. Read more in the White Paper here.

The main workshop recommendations are:

  • Actively strive to maintain and enhance Canada's position as an international leader in ocean observation through strong participation in the global BGC Argo program.
  • Enhance Canadian scientific capacity in biogeochemical modelling and prediction, in order to capitalize fully on the potential of BGC Argo.
  • For Canada to reap maximum scientific and societal benefit from BGC Argo, ample training opportunities for young scientists should be provided, which would also help to ensure that “eyes are on the data” at all times.
  • Ensure free and near real-time access to the emerging data streams through properly resourcing data management.
  • Form a national BGC Argo steering committee to facilitate communication within the Canadian user community.


Several projects are ongoing or planned. Read more under the Projects link above. For an overview of planned Canadian float deployments, see here.